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Why Us
Your Wedding is going to be one of the biggest days of your life and takes a lot of planning!
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The Elite Venue, Gravesend

Your Wedding, Your Way

If you are getting married soon, Congratulations!  You're about to embark on a very special journey together.


The Wedding party celebration is definitely the icing on the cake of any Wedding Day!  Your evening reception is a time for you to let your hair down, celebrate with your friends and family members and finish your day and night on a high!

I thoroughly understand that selecting the right DJ for your Wedding may seem like a daunting prospect and isn't always an easy thing to do, and that is why Night and Day Event Entertainment have made it as easy as we can for you.  


   Each and every one of my clients will have different expectations and ideas of what they would like for their Wedding Day.  Everything that we do is custom tailored just for you and that is why you can chat to me anytime that you wish, however often you wish, because I'm here to help you from the big proposal, until the day that you walk down the aisle.


As a professional Wedding DJ I will use my vast expertise to guide you through the planning process to help prepare and steer your Wedding reception from start to finish, giving you time to sit back and enjoy your day.




Professional Equipment - Sophisticated White Wedding Set Up and focal point Starlit DJ Booth.  My lighting is run on a controlled system which means that I can offer you more than just a few flashing lights.  I can create the right atmosphere for your Wedding and at a click of a button I am able to control the colour, brightness, pace and movements of the lights.  This is especially important during your first dance where I will use a selection of slow and subtle lighting colours and effects rather than a bunch of chaotic colours and shapes which are better suited when the dancefloor is full!

Online Planning Tools - When you book with us you will receive a dedicated link to our online Wedding Event Planner which allows you to request songs, create a timeline and plan the special moments of your special day.

Master of Ceremonies - We work alongside your venue staff and wedding planners to ensure that everything falls into place.  We also provide announcements to help your day and night run smoothly introducing your spotlight moments , keeping your guests informed and involved.

Music - The right selection of music can really make or break a dancefloor and we don't know until the night what will make your dancefloor rock!  We generally play music from right across the broad to suit all ages.  We actively encourage song requests and your guests will love our unique QR code tickets that they can use to send me song requests via their phones during the course of the evening, even better they can check the live song queue list to find out when I'm going to play their favourite tune!

Communication - Whether you hire me for the whole day or just the evening, it's important to keep in touch before and during the entire planning process.  Its not unusual for a couple to be unfamiliar about the order of events at weddings.  I will try my best to support you by offering my experience whilst allowing you to make your own decisions!





What You Get as Standard
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Add one or more of our Services to make your Wedding Extra Special!

Magic Selfie Mirror

LOVE Letters or MR & MRS

Premium Venue Uplighting


Sweet Cart

Wedding Postbox

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